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AIP Mozzarella Cheese

[ad_1] This AIP Mozzarella Cheese recipe is perfect for eating alone or on top of your favorite AIP Pizza. It stretches and melts just like the original. It also has the same mild flavor but totally dairy and nut free. This recipe is Paleo and AIP compliant. [ad_2]

Homemade Anti-Inflammatory Chicken Soup – Beauty Bites

[ad_1] Homemade anti-inflammatory chicken soup! This healthy soup is all you need after a cold day. With vegetables, anti-inflammatory herbs and spices this anti-inflammatory recipe that is easy, warming and delicious. [ad_2]

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Tea Rx Herbal Tea – 4oz

[ad_1] Tea Rx is your daily dose of wellness in a cup. The perfect blend of lemongrass, ginger, and turmeric to keep your body and mind in tip-top shape. This soul calming, body soothing tea is accentuated by an aromatic blend of apples, oranges mangos, and hibiscus; it will stimulate[…]