How to Dehydrate Kefir Grains

Learn how to dehydrate kefir grains – it is an easy process that anyone can do and one that helps you create a back up of your grains for later use. #dehydrate #kefir #grains #rawmilk

Chamomile Marigold

Description Sensitive skin? This soap has no essential oils but only the conditioning power of calendula (marigold flowers) and the soothing properties of German chamomile. The calendula petals in this soap provide a super gentle skin exfoliation. This soap is essential oils free so it’s suitable for the most sensitive[…]

37 Ferments for Spring

37 Ferments for Spring | I dare you. Scroll though these 37 beautiful ferments crafted from spring produce and tell me your mouth doesn’t start watering even just a little bit. Beautiful color, a crunch you can practically feel, and I bet your lips are even puckering (with delight). As[…]