Healthy, filling, flavorful soup recipe filled with lentils and brimming with fresh veggies! Easy to make, it freezes well and it makes great leftovers. #lentil #vegetable #soup #recipe

Crock-Pot Mississippi Pot Roast (Paleo, Keto & Whole30) + VIDEO

A healthy version of the insanely delicious Mississippi pot roast recipe made in the crock-pot. This is just as good as the original (melt in your mouth) but uses ingredients that make it paleo, low-carb, keto & whole30 friendly! Fix it on high in the slow cooker & serve with[…]

Buffalo Potatoes (Crispy, Smashed + Delicious!)

Crispy Smashed Buffalo Potatoes are crazy good! This recipe is like a mash up of buffalo wings, nachos, and tater tots in the best way possible!  Crispy smashed potatoes are topped with vinegary, spicy buffalo sauce and creamy blue cheese dressing. // ROASTED // BAKED // OVEN // CRISPY

Egg Drop Soup – Tornadough Alli

Quick, easy and comforting this Egg Drop Soup Recipe is as simple as they come with great flavor that will warm you up on a cool day!